juice cleanse:  six, 12 oz. bottles
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juice cleanse: six, 12 oz. bottles

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each package contains five, 12-ounce juices and one 12-ounce mylk a day.  these should be consumed throughout the day with a lot of water / green tea. to read more benefits, see each individual juice description in the menu.

  • the warrior: super greens, parsley, green apple, red apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger
  • the third eye: beet, carrot, green apple, ginger
  • the jade: orange, carrot, lemon / the goddess: bartlett pear, carrot, red apple, lemon, ginger
  • the humble warrior: cabbage, red apple, celery, kale, ginger
  • the rinse: lime, maple syrup, activated charcoal, filtered water
  • cobra mylk: cashew, date, maple syrup, hawaiian salt, turmeric, black pepper, filtered water




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