rey of light (12 oz)
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rey of light (12 oz)

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Weird Brothers cold brewed coffee, oats, cacao, maple syrup, dates, vanilla extract, sea salt, filtered water


  • less acidic in the stomach than normal coffee
  • boosts immune system
  • cleanses body of toxins
  • prevents bloating
  • contains tons of antioxidants
  • super punch of vitamin a
  • lowers cholesterol


we are super proud and stoked to partner with a local, small business based out of Herndon, VA on this latest collaboration!  we have been fans of Weird Brothers for quite some time so combining their cold brew with our chocolate oat mylk was a complete no-brainer!!!

this incredibly tasty treat packs one helluva punch, just like it's namesake who channels the mysterious power of the Force.  are you in training to become a Force-sensitive, Jedi Master?  Look no further.  Drink this.

YES...this is the coffee-oat-chocolate-combo you're looking for!!!

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