soup and juice detox
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soup and juice detox

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Each package contains three, 12-ounce soups, two, 12-ounce juices, one, 4-ounce juice, and one 4-ounce mylk per day.  These should be consumed throughout the day with a lot of water / green tea. to read more benefits, see each individual soup, juice, and mylk description in the menu.

You can enjoy your detox in any way you feel will best suit your body however, this is the way we envisioned the day unfolding.  Please ensure you drink lots of water and tea between meals.    

Daily detox schedule example:

8 am – enjoy a 12-ounce juice

10 am – enjoy a 12-ounce soup

12 pm – enjoy a 12-ounce juice

2 pm – enjoy a 12-ounce soup

4 pm – enjoy a 4-ounce juice

6 pm – enjoy an 8-ounce soup

8 pm – enjoy a 4-ounce mylk

Upon completion, ensure there are 12-hours of fasting before you eat again! 




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