the heart opener (12 oz)
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the heart opener (12 oz)

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almonds, dates, maple syrup, ceylon cinnamon, pure vanilla, filtered water


  • contains cancer fighting enzymes
  • nutrient dense
  • helps protect against diabetes
  • good source of energy
  • enhances immunity
  • reduces risks of certain cancers
  • boosts immunity
  • excellent source of vitamin-E, vitamin-A, zinc, folate and phosphorous which play an important role in maintaining good skin
  • anti-aging
  • stimulates hair growth
  • prevents hair loss
  • promotes brain health

the heart opener is nutrient-dense and a good source of several important fat-soluble vitamins.  it boasts vitamins a, d, and e which are strong in antioxidants, enhancing immunity and protecting the body's cells and tissues from damage. in addition, vitamin a is important for healthy eyesight, improves the skin and supports normal growth and development. vitamin d helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, and enhances immunity. the heart opener is also a good source of omega fatty acids.



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