the rinse (12 oz)
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the rinse (12 oz)

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lime juice, maple syrup, activated charcoal, cayenne pepper, filtered water


  • general detoxification of your body
  • relieves digestive issues, gas, bloating, and diarrhea
  • binds drugs, chemicals, and poisons
  • anti-aging
  • better heart health
  • cleans and whitens teeth
  • aids in overall mouth health
  • rejuvenates and maintains healthy skin and hair
  • relieves bug bites, burns, and wounds

activated charcoal powder (100% has been used for thousands of years by diverse cultures all around the world as a magical material with dozens of uses.  this is due to the incredible number of tiny pores in the product that attract and eliminate dirt, impurities, toxins and other nasty things from your teeth, skin, hair, and digestive tract. 

*our hardwood activated charcoal powder is certified food grade and sourced 100% from Eastern American hardwood trees, an all natural and renewable resource.

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